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MS-920 Adhesive Sealant for Home Decorating


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Applicable to the surrounding of doors and windows indoor decoration and structure sealing.

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       1. High modulus high elasticity suitable for those who has special demand for bonding strength. Can be bonded with concrete well.
       2.Mono-component good extrusion easy to operation suitable for façade construction.
       3.Non-toxic odorless environmentally friendly.
       4.Puncture resistance tear resistance easy to repair.
       5.Great sealing and waterproof property.
Main application
      1.Mainly used for sealing cracks with little requirement of displacement ability but high demand for puncture resistance and pressure resistance.
      2.Waterproofing sealing of bridges tunnels pipes or other waterproofing structures.
      3.Sealing or adhering Precast slabs cement cladding stone panels color plate etc
Technical Data
Test Index MS-920
Appearance Black White or gray even paste
Density/ g·cm-3 1.3±0.1
Hardness/ shore A 40±5
Surface drying time/ min ≤180
Curing speed/ mm·24h-1 ≥2.5
Extrudability/ g·min-1 ≥80
Elongation at break/ % ≥300
Tensile strength/ Mpa ≥5.00
Tensile modulus/ Mpa 23℃ >0.4
-20℃ >0.6
Cohesiveness at set No destruction
Cohesiveness at set after soaking No destruction
Cohesiveness after cold drawn - hot pressing process No destruction
Elastic recovery rate/ % ≥70
Operating temperature/ ℃ 5~40
Expiry date/ months 9

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