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Rigid Polyurethane Blend Polyols for Spray Insulation DQT-50


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Rigid Polyurethane Blend Polyols for Spray Insulation  (DQT-501A )

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Rigid Polyurethane Blend Polyols for Spray Insulation  (DQT-501A )
Product Introduction
DQT-501A is spray blend polyols it reacts with isocyanate to produce foam which has excellent performances which are as follows
1) fine and uniformity cells
2) low thermal conductivity
3) perfect fire resistance
4) excellent low temperature dimentional stability.
It applies to all kinds of thermal insulation projects which use the spray such as cold roomslarge pots large-scale pipelines and construction out-wall or inner-wall etc.

Physical Properties

Appearance Pale yellow to brown viscous liquid
Hydroxyl Value mgKOH/g 200-300
Dynamic Viscosity (25℃) mpa.s 100-200
Specific gravity (20℃) g/ml 1.12-1.20
Storage Temperature ℃ 10-25
Storage Stability month 6

Recommended Ratio

DQT-501A blend polyols 100
Isocyanate 100-105

Reactivity Characteristics

Component temperature is 20℃ the actual value is varied according to pipe diameter and processing condition.
Cream Times 3-5
Gel Times 6-10

Foam Performances

items Test Method Index
Spray Density GB 6343 ≥35kg/m3
Closed-cell Rate GB 10799 ≥90%
Initial Thermal Conductivity(15℃) GB 3399 ≤24mW/(m.K)
Compressive Strength GB/T8813 ≥150kPa
Adhesive Strength GB/T16777 ≥120kPa
Elongation at break GB/T9641 ≥10%
Dimentional Stability  24h  -20℃ GB/T8811 ≤1%
24h   70℃   ≤1.5%
Water Absorption GB 8810 ≤3%
Oxygen Index GB 8624 ≥26

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