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Half-polyurea systems for spray coating DSPU-602


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DSPU-602  is two-component polyurea spray type combination,which is used in a variety of base material protection.

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Product Introduction SPU-602 is two-component polyurea spray type combination,which is used in a variety of base material protection.
100% solid content no solvents no volatile little or no odor strictly comply with the VOC limit standard belongs to
the environmentally friendly materials.
Product packaging
200kg /drum


B component (isocyanate) is moisture sensitive. Unused raw materials should be stored in a sealed drum
avoid moisture intrusion .A component (polyether) should stir well before use.
Potential hazards
Part B (isocyanates) stimulate the  eye respiratory and skin  through breathing and skin  contact and possibly sensitization.
When contact part B ( isocyanates) necessary preventive measures should be taken according to material
safety date sheet (MSDS) .

Waste disposal

With reference to the material safety date sheet (MSDS) of the product or deal with it  in accordance with local
 laws and regulations.

Physical Properties

Item Unit Polyether component Isocyanate component
Appearance    viscous liquid  viscous liquid
Density(20℃) g/cm3 1.03±0.03 1.08±0.03
Dynamic Viscosity(25℃) mPa·s 1800±200 800±200
shelf life month 6 6
Storage Temperature 20-30 20-30

Proposal of process

  Unit Value Test  Methods
Mix ratio By weight 1:1.1(A:B)  
GT s 10-15 GB/T 23446
Surface dry time s 20-40
Temperature of material
-part A
-part B

Pressure of material
-Part A
-Part B

Physical Properties of Finished Product

  DSPU-601 Unit Test Methods
Hardness 80 Shore A GB/T 531.1
Tensile Strength ≥10 MPa GB/T 16777
Elongation at break ≥300 %
Tear strength ≥40 N/mm GB/T 529
impervious 0.4MP 2h   GB/T 16777
Bibulous rate ≤5 % GB/T 23446
solid content 100 % GB/T 16777
Adhesive strength dry base material ≥2 MPa
The data provided above are typical value which are tested by our company. For our company's products
the data included in the law do not have any constraints.

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