MS-910 Low Modulus Adhesive Sealant for Construction

Suitable for seam sealing with a certain displacement.

  • Characteristics

    1. 1.  Low modulus high displacement flexible and durable and good adhesion to the concrete foundation.

                2.Mono-component easy to operation suitable for façade construction.
                3. Puncture resistance tear resistance Great sealing and waterproof property.
                4. Non-porous environmentally friendly.
                5.Can be brushed and polished easy to repair.
    Main application
               1. Mainly used for sealing cracks with high requirement of displacement ability
               2. Applied to concrete prefabricated parts building construction building doors and windows expansion joints settlement joints.
               3. Used for wall floor of all kinds of through holes drains reservoirs and other joint sealing waterproof.

  • Test Index MS-910
    Appearance Black White or gray homogeneous paste
    Density/ g·cm-3 1.3±0.1
    Sag mm ≤3
    Hardness/ shore A 15-45
    Surface drying time/ min ≤960
    Curing speed/ mm·24h-1 ≥1
    Extrudability/ g·min-1 ≥200
    Tensile modulus/ Mpa 23℃ ≤0.4
    -20℃ ≤0.6
    Cohesiveness at set No destruction
    Cohesiveness at set after soaking No destruction
    Cohesiveness after cold drawn - hot pressing process No destruction
    Elastic recovery rate/ % ≥60
    Operating temperature/ ℃ -40~90
    Expiry date/ months 9

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