Rigid Polyurethane Blend Polyols for Coolers DJD-101S

DJD-101S blend polyols use water as blowing agent which applies to coolers,barrel insulation and other insulation products. The characteristics of the products are as follows

  • 1.excellent flowabilitythe density of the foam is well-distributed and the thermal conductivity is low
    2.excellent low-temperature dimensional stability and good cohesiveness;

  • Physical Properties

    Appearance light yellow transparent  liquid
    Hydroxyl Value mgKOH/g 300-400
    Dynamic Viscosity (25℃) mPa.s 600-700
    Gravity (20℃) g/ml 1.05-1.10
    Storage Temperature ℃ 10-30
    Storage Stability month 6

    Recommended Ratio

    DJD-101S blend polyols 100
    Isocyanate 120-130

    Technology and Reactivity(the exact value varied depending on processing conditions)

      Manual Mixing Mechanical Foaming
    Raw Material Temperature ℃ 20-25 20-25
    Mould Temperature ℃ 35-40 35-40
    CTs 13-15 12-13
    GTs 70-80 50-60
    TFTs 100-120 70-100
    Free Density kg/m3 25-26 24-25

    Foam Performances

    Foam Density by Molding GB/T 6343 ≥38kg/m3
    Closed-cell Rate GB/T 10799 ≥90%
    Thermal Conductivity (15℃) GB/T 3399 ≤25.5 mW/(m.K)
    Compressive strength    
    (perpendicular to the direction of rising) GB/T 8813 ≥150kPa
    Dimensional Stability (24h -20℃) GB/T 8811 ≤1.0%
    (24h 100℃)   ≤1.0%

    The data provided above are typical value which are tested by our company. For our company's products the data included in the law do not have any constraints. 

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