Water-Soluble Polyurethane Grouting Material DWPU-101

DWPU-101Gel/Flex is conventional one component hydrophilic water-soluble polyurethane groutingmaterial react with water rapidly to be solidified and expansionto sealing the crack.

  • DWPU-101Gel/Flex is conventional one component hydrophilic water-soluble polyurethane grouting material react with water rapidly to be solidified and expansion to sealing the crack. After reaction with water to form milk-white elastic gel with advantage performances of fast speed high strength and little shrinkage strong penetration-proof etc. widely used in waterproof works such as the tunnel the subway dam underground garage sewers etc.

    I) Features

    1、Low viscosity  water quick dispersion happening reaction forming impervious elastic colloidal concretion body has the good plugging stop-water performance.
    2、With water formed ivory elastic colloidal concretion body has high compressive strength low temperature resistance good elasticity penetration-proof quality is good wait for a characteristic.
    3、The product mix with water effect is good can permeate to crack depth reaction after forming institutional concretion body omni-directional fill plugging cracks.
    4、Good expansion good performance of reaction with large volume water.
    Product viscosity and curing speed can be changed as per project requirement.  

  • II)Typical Performance Index

    Number Test Tem SPE.-GEL Type SPE.-Flex Type
    1 Appearance Pale yellow transparent liquid Pale yellow transparent liquid
    2 Density/g/cm3 1.0-1.2 1.0-1.2
    3 Viscosity a/mpa.s 200-300 200-300
    4 Gel time a/s 10-50 10-60
    5 Expansion Ratio with Water/% 20-30 50-200
    7 Water Embracing /5 times water(Max. 15 times water),s 45-80 50-100
    Note: a.As per project ’s requirement; b.With requirement of reinforcement for the project

    III) Use

    1、Pool towers ba

    sement shelter building such as irrigation seam plugging and waterproof coating.
    2、metal and concrete pipe shaft preservation and steel structure of the corrosion.
    3、Underground tunnel buildings foundation reinforcement.
    4、Architectural engineering distortion seam construction seam structural cracks plugging and reinforcement.
    5、Port and dock pier DAMS hydropower station with the curtain grouting reinforcement plugging.
    6、Geological drilling slurry-supported plugging oil exploitation of water and mine where water gushing closed etc.

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